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Discover the Security

Discover the Security is a blog that offers comprehensive content on corporate and individual cybersecurity topics. Established in 2018, our blog aims to raise awareness and increase information sharing in the world of cybersecurity

Doing Great
Things Together

Current Contents

We produce bilingual and up-to-date content in the field of individual and corporate information security. By continuously informing those interested in this field, we aim to increase information security awareness.

R&D Studies

In the field of corporate information security, we develop open-source R&D projects and share them non-profitably. Our goal is to increase access to information security solutions and support innovative approaches.

Our Works

Endpoint Guardian

We are developing open-source innovative solutions for data privacy and security.

Discover the Security

We produce up-to-date cybersecurity content and aim to increase individual and corporate awareness.

Veri Sızıntısı

By offering cyber intelligence for free, we aim to raise awareness, especially among individual users.

Let’s work together

You can join our community and create content related to cybersecurity to engage with our audience, or contribute to our R&D projects to support innovative approaches and freedom.